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Instantly compare carrier costs.

Secure the best rates.

Track your freight its entire journey.

STOP wasting time creating reports; manually entering data; and living in your inbox quoting multiple providers and carriers. Ship Dynamix will do it for you…in a fraction of the time.

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Compare and secure the best rates for your freight today.

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Compare Costs

Smart decisions in the freight industry begin with comparing shipping costs. With SDX, you’ll have access to multiple quotes from multiple carriers.

Secure the Best Rates

With instant access to comparative and competitive carrier costs, you have the intelligence and insight to secure the rate and carrier you determine is the best fit for your shipment.

Track Freight 24/7

Our GPS tracking data automatically updates freight position, minimizes driver or dispatcher misinformation and reduces time spent on phone calls or emails tracking down a truck.



Our Power BI Metrics gives businesses access to reporting and data insights that no brokerage is offering to small-to-mid-sized shippers.

We use a version of our XTMS software to deliver smarter, faster, competitive shipping solutions.


  • On-Time Delivery %
  • Total Spend (Month/Mode)
  • Weight Break
  • Top Lanes
  • Top Customers
  • Quarterly KPIs and Market Trends

TL Specific

  • Spend per/mile or load
  • Mode Optimization
  • Volume/Weight Utilization
  • Orders per Load, Stops per Load
  • % of Total Loads and Spend by Carrier
  • Accessorial Breakdown

LTL Specific

  • % of Total Loads per Carrier
  • Spend per Carrier
  • Weight per Pallet
  • Cost per Pound
  • Claims by $ and #
  • Monthly LTL Savings


We'll learn the ins and outs of your business so we can guarantee stellar service and cost-saving solutions.

What really sets us apart from the competition is our customer service, and we believe
that logistics runs smoother with a dedicated team working behind it.

With Ship Dynamix, you’ll have access to:

  • MA dedicated client account manager
  • Dedicated carrier manager / bid manager
  • Proactive carrier coverage and pricing
  • Claims manager
  • Executive leadership involvement whenever needed

Dry Van

Flatbed Truck

Refrigerated Truck

LTL (Less-than-truckload)



Brokerages boasting of a robust carrier network has become the industry standard… but quantity doesn’t get your freight delivered safely and securely.
Access to a robust network is important, but even more valuable is access to reliable, transparent and quality carriers.
Through SDX’s Carrier Select, we’ll manage carrier performance and network so that you’ll have access to top-tier carriers and competitive rates for all your shipments.

Continuously audit existing carriers performance and identify new carriers to add to our Carrier Select alliance.

View cost management opportunities by lane and carrier, and hone in on carrier details such as size, contact info, certification and more.

Top of the line technology that gives you access to cost savings and rate comparisons in minutes.


2X per year, you can receive a FREE freight spend analysis.

With companies under increasing pressure to reduce costs and streamline efficiencies, keeping a pulse on current spend per shipment is just smart business.

Ship DLX has saved customers hundreds – even thousands – of dollars on shipping costs and have improved route efficiencies by providing a no-obligation free spend analysis.

Send us 3-6 months of historical shipments, and we’ll provide a lane-by-lane cost for the given period a shipment was picked up.

Lane-by-lane cost is not required but we do request a total freight spend for the given period we’re analyzing.

Fill out the form to receive an in-depth analysis of your current spend and make sure you’re getting the most our of your truckloads.

We’re even willing to sign a NDA so you know your data and information is protected.

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By entering your personal details on this form, you agree to receive this and other marketing content about the ways that Ship Dynamix can support your business needs.


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